A Prayer for Our Times

A Prayer for Our Times

Father, we give You thanks that You are our God and that You have established Your covenant of grace with us in the firm foundation laid for our faith at the cross and in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give You thanks that we are adopted sons of God through Your Son, and that in Him we are heirs of eternal life and all the blessings of heavenly life in communion with You. We thank You for the promises of Your Word, which are secure for us in Christ, having been purchase for us by His precious atoning blood, and that a new and living way has been everlastingly opened up for us in and through Him who is our life and our hope and our satisfaction and delight.

Lord, we live in a time of such turmoil and perplexity and distress. We are told that the number of people who are known to have the coronavirus is increasing. We are told that there is greater reason for caution and care, especially toward those in vulnerable groups. Help us to be wise, loving, and compassionate toward our neighbors. Help us also to evaluate what we hear with great discernment and care, always considering with the greatest weight what You have said in Your Word. These are confusing and disorienting times, Lord. We are told to trust the experts, but the experts disagree with one another and so often say contradictory things. Sometimes the experts tell us things that are clearly contrary to Your Word. We are told to trust government officials. They, too, are sinners, Lord. Many of them, we know, have wicked and destructive agendas that will ultimately harm not only society, but the family and the church. We know Your Word does not tell us to trust government leaders, but rather to honor and obey them, insofar as we can do so without disobeying or dishonoring You. Help us, Lord, to discern what this means for us as we seek to live lives that are pleasing to You in this world. And help us not to put our trust in princes, or experts, or influencers in this world, but to put our trust in You, the living God. We pray, Lord, that whatever the truth concerning the coronavirus and the wisdom of the response to it by government leaders and those in authority—that You would remind us again that these things are Your sovereign hand in history, that You are ruling and governing and preserving all Your creatures and all their actions, and that Your purposes, though so hidden from us in all the fine details, are nevertheless set before us in open, public, display in Your Word and in the Person and Work of Your Son. Help us to trust not in men, or in an arm of flesh to save us, but to trust in You the living God, and to be a people consumed with zeal for Your house and for Your worship and for your Word, and for Your ways. Help us Lord to be careful and critical and discerning about the things we read and hear and even the things we see. Help us not to be carried away by the winds of doctrine and ideology and even propaganda that are blowing with such strength and velocity through the culture and society in which we live. And help us, Lord, to be a people who lives not by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from Your holy mouth. Lord, we ask You that in the midst of a civilization that appears to be so uncivilized, that we Your people would stand boldly, not for any political ideas or movements, not for any personalities or cults of personality, but that we would be a people who would be faithfully calling all people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Help us, Lord, to be bold in our witness for the truth, but to speak the truth always and to all people with compassion and respect, knowing that even those in error and sin are Your image-bearers and knowing that even the hardest of hearts can be broken and renewed by the power of Christ and the Gospel—knowing that many of us were once just as hardened in our sins and in our stubborn rebellion against You.

Lord, our hearts are saddened and dismayed by the Supreme Court decision this week, which affirmed a fictitious “right” to destroy and dismember little human beings in the very wombs where You are knitting them together in love. We are grieved in our hearts by this because it is not only an attack upon Your very image and likeness, not only because it will lead to the deaths of countless more helpless victims, but also because it is an attack on the rule of law. We know that there is a higher law than the opinions of men, a law which cannot be violated without incurring great guilt and exposing an entire nation to Your fiercest judgments. We pray, Lord, not only with regard to this decision of the Supreme Court, but with regard to others as well, and with regard to the antichrist spirit of the age in which we live. We ask You, O Lord, to hear our prayers, to rise up either in holy justice and judgment, or, if You are willing, to send revival and times of refreshing and awakening to this nation in which we live. Give us opportunities to speak and bear witness of Christ either way, Lord, and help us not to fear what men may say or do to us, but to consider that the time is short, that Your Son is coming quickly, and that our lives in this world are not our own, we are bought with a price. Help us, Lord, to live without fear and to be willing to bear reproach and to suffer for the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.




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