Dr. James McGoldrick Asleep in Jesus

Dr. James McGoldrick Asleep in Jesus

I received the news yesterday that Dr. James McGoldrick, one of my church history professors in seminary, went home to be with the Lord. Three things come to mind when I think of Dr. McGoldrick. First, he was tireless in his service to the Lord. I can remember passing by his office after classes had finished, and hearing the clicking and clacking of Dr. McGoldrick’s typewriter. As far as I know, he didn’t own or use a computer. He was constantly working on some writing project or another, seeking to share the knowledge that God had given to him with others. He was a faithful steward of his time and gifts. Second, while he was tireless in his service to the Lord, Dr. McGoldrick’s ministry to his wife came first. I was often reminded of B. B. Warfield’s sacrificial care of his wife in the way that Dr. McGoldrick put the needs of his wife Betty (who went to be with the Lord in 2017) before every other responsibility. And third, he considered the very smallest details important (and reminded me of my need to do the same). I know Dr. McGoldrick’s attention to detail could at times seem like nit-picking to other students when they received their papers back at the end of a term and found them covered in red ink, including corrections related to grammar and spelling. But I always knew that Dr. McGoldrick was wanting us to be the kind of men who would, if God was calling us into pastoral ministry, be concerned about the smallest details of the work of the kingdom and the lives of God’s people. In that way, Dr. McGoldrick taught me to follow Jesus Christ.

A tribute to Dr. McGoldrick’s life and ministry can be read here.


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