Fear Not, Little Flock!

Fear Not, Little Flock!

When the world around us is gripped by fear and anxiety, we have a unique opportunity to bear witness to the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I was reminded of this as I read an article about Charles Spurgeon’s ministry during an outbreak of infectious disease in 1854. Spurgeon wrote of those days,

“All day, and sometimes all night long, I went about from house to house, and saw men and women dying, and, oh, how glad they were to see my face! When many were afraid to enter their houses lest they should catch the deadly disease, we who had no fear about such things found ourselves most gladly listened to when we spoke of Christ and of things Divine.”

God’s people should keep two things in balance in times of peril: wisdom and witness. We should be wise and exercise ordinary care and caution, being especially mindful not to unnecessarily expose ourselves or others to danger. Meanwhile, we need to glorify God by mortifying sinful fear and seeking to redeem every moment of our lives in this world by bearing witness to the death and resurrection of our faithful Savior Jesus Christ.

Toward that end, I commend to you the following article by Geoff Chang, “Spurgeon and the Cholera Epidemic of 1854.”



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