Jay Adams – Asleep in Jesus

Jay Adams – Asleep in Jesus

Dr. Jay Adams, often referred to as “the father of modern biblical counseling,” went home to be with the Lord today. He was an OPC pastor, a professor at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, and an author of many practical books related to the Christian life. He is perhaps best known for his classic, Competent to Counsel, which argued that pastors must not leave the work of counseling to psychologists and professionals, but have the tools available to them in the all-sufficient Scriptures to shepherd God’s people.

Jay Adams was a pioneer at a time when many pastors had abandoned counseling altogether and left that work to those who (predominantly) had no place for God, the soul, or the Bible. Adams believed that psychology was at a distinct disadvantage because it failed to begin its study of man by acknowledging the existence and authority of God.

I am personally thankful for the ministry of Dr. Adams and, while still not feeling very competent to counsel, have been greatly encouraged and equipped by his work.

You may want to read a tribute to the life of Jay Adams here, by Donn Arms, a very gifted counselor who studied for years under his ministry.


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