Raising Children in the Covenant

Raising Children in the Covenant

I came across a wonderful article on raising covenant children written by Douglas Kelly and published in the Banner of Truth magazine over 40 years ago. The article is a distillation of the wisdom of Cotton Mather, from his treatise, Cares About the Nursery. To summarize, there are three essential ingredients to Christian parenting: the Bible, the Catechism, and the Sermon. While not in the foreground in the article, it seems worth pointing out that apart from the Spirit of prayer, we must not expect any of these means to bear fruit in our children’s lives. What a reminder of the solemn weightiness of the 3rd vow parents take when their children are baptized:

“Do you promise to pray regularly with and for [this covenant child], and to set an example of piety and godliness before him/her?” (Book of Church Order of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 2015 ed., p. 145.)

The full article may be found here:

Cotton Mather on Raising Children


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