The Blessedness of COVID-19

The Blessedness of COVID-19

I had the privilege of interviewing a family for church membership today, together with another elder. During the interview, we learned what God has been doing in the hearts and lives of each member of the family. It was a family that has experienced the effects of COVID-19 very personally. The wife and mother of the family lost her mother to COVID back in March. And now, in December, the illness has swept through her own home, affecting her husband and children to varying degrees.

This godly Christian woman spoke of her experience very deliberately and in a way that bore witness to the grace of God in Christ. “COVID has been such a blessing,” she said. “I have grown more, prayed more, and learned to trust my Savior more because of what God has sent into our lives.”

This is what the Puritan, Thomas Boston, calls a “crook in the lot.” What the unbelieving world would call “crooked” God makes straight for us as He works out His perfect purposes in our lives according to His eternal counsel and because of His eternal love for us in his Son.

Can you say that God has blessed you by sending an unexpected “crook” into your “lot” in the Year of Our Lord, 2020?

Thomas Boston’s wonderful book, The Crook in the Lot, may be found here:



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