The congregations of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church are led by elders or ‘presbyters,’ men who have committed themselves to serve the church. There are three parts of a Presbyterian church: the session, the presbytery, and the General Assembly. A session is the elected body of men in a local congregation. Groups of congregations in the same geographic region send elders to a body called the presbytery. In turn, each presbytery in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church elects presbyters to attend the national General Assembly. At every level, Orthodox Presbyterian church government provides accountability and connects each congregation to the worldwide mission of the church.

Through God’s grace, Reformation has planted two daughter congregations in the Tidewater region of Virginia. As a mother to two other OPC churches, RPC is committed to supporting and praying for our daughters, Peninsula Reformed Presbyterian Church (PRPC) and All Saints Presbyterian Church (ASPC).



John Nymann

John Nymann was ordained to the gospel ministry with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in January 2024. Prior to this, he served for two years as a ruling elder in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP) and for ten years in the Orthodox Christian Reformed Church in Ontario, Canada. He completed his seminary education at Gillespie Divinity School, an ARP seminary in Ontario. Currently, he serves as the pastor of All Saints Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, Virginia, which is a…
Ruling Elder

Nate Baker

Nate Baker was ordained and installed as a ruling elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 2022. He has been a member of Reformation since 2018 when it was still a church plant of the Presbytery. Since then, Reformation has organized as its own church, and Nate has assisted in planting two churches in Yorktown and Suffolk, VA. He currently serves on RPC’s session, the commission of our daughter congregation Peninsula Reformed Presbyterian Church, and on one Presbytery committee. Nate…
Ruling Elder

Doug Hoven

Doug Hoven was ordained as a Ruling Elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 2022. He currently serves as Ruling Elder at Reformation Presbyterian Church (RPC) and is on the Commission as clerk at RPC’s mission work at All Saints Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Suffolk, VA. Doug and his family have been members of RPC since 2018. He and his wife Julie have been married since 2005 and have six children, two of whom have gone to be with the…
Ruling Elder

Mike Cloy

Mike Cloy was ordained a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America in 2010. He and his wife joined Reformation OPC in Gastonia, where he was installed as a Ruling Elder in 2014. He now serves as a Ruling Elder on the Provisional Session at Landis. He has served on Provisional Sessions on Mission Works located in North and South Carolina. Additionally, he currently serves on two denominational committees: the Committee on Chaplains and Military Personnel, and the Committee…
Ruling Elder

Scott Shallenberger

Scott W. Shallenberger was ordained in 2004 and has served as a ruling elder at Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg VA, ever since. He has also served as an augmented elder for Reformation from the years 2020-2022 and again in 2024. He is currently an Area Procurement Manager with WestRock Corporation, working in central Virginia. He graduated from West Virginia University in 1983 with a B.S. in Forestry and a M.S in Forestry in 1985 and completed a MBA…